Compassionate caring people building community

The heartbeat of the Village...
the Village Center is home
to dining, lively conversation,
and friendship.

The Bistro

Nestled within the adobe, two-story Village Center is the Bistro where residents can enjoy dining in an intimate restaurant-style atmosphere.The Bistro dining area is surrounded by inspirational art, and is a place where residents can enjoy good food, lively conversations and warm friendships.

A few years ago, Chef Doris Martinez arrived at the Village and has completely transformed our menus and events. Her specialty is New Mexican cuisine, but her many years of training and experience have allowed her to branch out into Indian, Asian, Caribbean, French, exquisite salads and a wide variety of traditional American dishes like casseroles and BBQ. Not only are her savory dishes delicious, but she is also accomplished at creating delightful pastries and desserts. She creates cakes, cookies, pies, mousse, flan, candies and all the traditional New Mexican desserts. Chef Doris prides herself on knowing the specific food requirements of each resident and creating delicious and nutritious meals for our community.

Dad has a lot of food restrictions, but Chef Doris is still able to create delicious,
vibrant and creative meals that keep Dad smiling!


The Village Art Gallery and Library


Taos Retirement Village is proud of our resident art gallery and browse through the generously stocked library, curated by our residents.