Town of Taos

Culture, Community, Freedom and Beauty


Known worldwide for artists and galleries, world class skiing and, of course, the 1000+-year-old Taos Pueblo (a UNESCO World Heritage site) Taos has made a name for itself.  Enjoying a population where over half of the residents are 55+, you’ll find that retirement in Taos has made sense for many.

But that’s nowhere near the end of the Taos charm.  Known for 300+ days a year of sun and resting at an elevation of 7,000 feet, the days are bright and the air is crisp and clean. Surrounded on 3 sides by the Taos and Picuris Mountains, and the Rio Grande River on the fourth side, it provides for a wide variety of activities.  This can include skiing at Taos Ski Valley, hiking up to Williams Lake, golfing at Taos Country Club, a rafting ride down the Rio Grande, taking an Adult Education class at UNM Taos or Southern Methodist University (SMU), or sitting quietly on a park bench taking in the views.  

With only 5,500 people (34,000 in Taos County), Taos will surprise you as the most active small town around.  The tourism of the area allows for a wide breadth of unique retail shops, museums, Taos Plaza and Farmers Market, educational programs, theater, live music, art galleries, restaurants, large and small events and an eclectic mix of activities.

The people of Taos help weave the fascinating tapestry we live in.  Spanish and Latin families have lived, worked and built this community for 300-400 years.  We have the Native community of our cultural treasure Taos Pueblo.  Residents of Taos come from all around the world bringing with them fascinating backgrounds, experiences, skills and talents, further enriching the community in which we live.  Due to our universities, temperate sunny days, and a “free to be” attitude, the area has attracted a large artists community spanning handwork, sculpture, pottery, various visual art styles and techniques, food, music and theater.  

…So Lovely, the wild plum everywhere white with snow, the cotton-wood trees all tender plumy green, life happy ghosts,…

But I do like having the big unbroken spaces round me. There is something savage unbreakable in spirit of place out here (Taos).


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